www.carinsurancefor1day.co.uk offers car insurance to drivers who need short-term cover. The coverage is issued for a single day or a period of up to 28 consecutive days, and it is provided to drivers who may be using borrowed vehicles or those who may occasionally want to take out their vehicles from storage facilities. The only requirements put in place by the company is that the vehicle should be UK registered, and it should have no structural alterations .Qualified drivers can obtain the policy within minutes of application.

1.The good: Layout, Navigation, Usability

One of the best things about carinsurancefor1day.co.uk is that the website has a simple structure which makes it easy for a user to get the message being portrayed quickly. Besides, the usability is spot on considering the fact that there are graphical buttons that enable swift navigation from one page to another. Other than that, all the relevant elements are laid out in a clear manner Ėsince the site deals with car insurance, in-depth information is provided on the qualifications, restrictions, and legal issues that an interested driver has to be informed about. Further information that is pertinent to a typical car insurance coverage is also provided.

For a person who is truly interested in obtaining insurance from this company, the path is clearly marked to help them get more information and a quote for the temporary car insurance they need. In connection with this, the plain design and the 16 links on the side menu ensure that no important information is buried under sections that may appear insignificant. Each link has a page dedicated to it and this ensures that a detailed description is given about what the coverage entails, how to get it, and how it can help.

2. The Bad: Visual appeal

While the website has a light style and large font that allow for easy reading, one downside to this site is that it is seems to be more centred on passing a message, with less emphasis placed on visual appeal. Even though the images at the top are meant to give a welcoming feel, the overall colours donít do much to draw a userís attention to the portion that holds all the links for the site. A little more contrast may in this case be useful as it may make the area stand out from the surrounding text.

Nonetheless, with the prominent call to action button positioned at the top of the page, sales come first for this company and this is a good thing considering sales ultimately form the backbone of any business.